Don't Starve Together dedicated server guide for all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) with Docker. Extensive documentation covering mods installation, server config and performance, world generation and setting up admins.

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Managing the Server

For simplicity of the docker-compose commands listed below, make sure you’ll be running them from within the installation folder:

cd ~/dst-dedicated-server

Updating the game version

The developers are constantly updating the game, which is really good. However if your game client version mismatch the server’s, you won’t be able to see your server listed in Browse servers.

To updated the game client, simply stop and start the server again. On every startup the containers updates the game version automatically. Bear in mind this might take a minute or two.

Start the Server

From your installation folder, run docker-compose in detached mode to start the server

docker-compose up -d

:point_up: You can follow logs when running in detached mode: docker-compose logs -f

Executing console commands

It’s possible to execute game console commands from the terminal by attaching to the Master shard:

docker attach dst_master

:warning: Caution! Every input will be forwarded to the container when attached. That means if you hit CTRL-c the container will receive SIGINT and will gracefully stop.

:point_up: It’s only possible to attach to the Master shard (dst_master container) as it’s the one who manages the slave (Caves shard, dst_caves). i.e. Running c_shutdown() on the Master shard will shutdown all shards, while running it on Caves would shutdown the Caves shard only.

Once attached, you may run any commands to manage the game such as c_save(), c_spanw(), c_regenerateworld(), etc.

:exclamation: To detach from the container, press the CTRL-p CTRL-q sequence. Hitting CTRL-c will stop the running container. Check attach docs for more info.

Stopping the Server

Saving and shutting down

To save the game right before shutdown, attach to the container and execute c_shutdown():

docker attach dst_master

The Master shard will manage to save the game and send a shutdown signal to the Caves shard as well.

Alternative: shutdown without saving

If you simply want to shutdown the containers without saving the game:

docker-compose down

:stop_sign: Caution! Stopping the containers DOES NOT SAVE THE GAME, it simply gracefully shutdown the server processes and kills the containers.