Don't Starve Together dedicated server guide for all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) with Docker. Extensive documentation covering mods installation, server config and performance, world generation and setting up admins.

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Managing Mods :alien:

Install Mods

Check dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua. See the instructions in the file to install the mods you want.

Enable and Configure Mods

Check modoverrides.lua.

Enabling a mod

Same as with client mods, in the server they also can be installed but not enabled. You have to manually enable each of the mods you want to play with. To do so, make sure to define enabled=true for each mod in modoverrides.lua:

-- "000000000" should be the WorkshopID for the mod you're enabling
["workshop-000000000"]={ configuration_options={ }, enabled=true }

Configuring a mod

You can use the configuration_options dictionary for each mod in modoverrides.lua to set all the config options the mod supports. See my custom modoverrides.lua for examples.

Unfortunately there’s no super simple way to figure out what options are available as they are up to the mod developer - and differ for each mod. You may dig through the mod’s source code, but that’s not practical.

Here’s what I do to “generate” the configuration_options the easy way:

  1. Open up the game, hit “Play”
  2. “Host Game”. You will create a local DST game in your computer
  3. Skip world config, focus on the “Mods” tab: enable & configure the server mods the way you want (you need to have “Subscribed” to the mods in the Steam Workshop for them to appear there)
  4. Hit “Generate World”. Do actually create a game. Once the world was created, you may exit the game.
  5. Now a modoverrides.lua was generated for you based on the settings you chose! You may find it in:
    • Mac/Linux: ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_{N}/Master/modoverrides.lua
    • Windows: C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_{N}\Master\modoverrides.lua
    • Cluster_{N}: {N} is the number of the slot you used to host the game (1-5)
  6. Open this file to see the settings, you may use it as-is! Just paste it into DSTClusterConfig/mods/modoverrides.lua before starting up your server!